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As an insurance agent, you have a lot to juggle, from helping customers with their insurance policies to submitting claims to insurance companies for your customers. And that's just the surface level. You have to understand all of the insurance policies you offer, what the pros and cons are to them so that you can offer wise recommendations to your clients, and you have to network to attract new clients. So when a hail storm rolls through Northern Colorado, it can be extremely helpful to have a local roofer you partner with whom you send your clients who have suffered hail damage to.

On Target Roofing is a local Northern Colorado roofer that offers residential and commercial roofing services. We also offer storm damage repair. We work with many local insurance agencies in order to expedite customers' roofing services and the insurance claim process. We are looking to add more partner insurance agents to our growing list. Contact our roofing company to learn more today!

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  • Win/win situation as your clients are taken care of quickly, efficiently, and properly

  • You know the roofer and can make honest recommendations about the quality of the roofing jobs

  • You will get exactly what you need from us to process your customers' claims

  • Yields happy customers and more referrals on your end

  • Can offer free estimates quickly

  • Can mutually promote each other's business

  • Offer expert advice when you have a question

  • Can make pre-claim inspections

  • And so much more!

Insurance Agents

Getting a roofing estimate has been known to hold up the claims process. This could be because the homeowner just didn't get around to calling a local roofer, or because roofers were booked up because it was the summer busy season. Whatever the case may be, partnering with a local roofer as an insurance agency is a prudent move so that your customers receive superior customer satisfaction.

On-Target Roofing is a Loveland-based roofing company that handles residential and commercial roofing repairs, installations, replacements, and maintenance all over Northern Colorado. We also are specialists in storm repair, and we work with area insurance agencies to repair roofs expeditiously. Below, we'll go over a few of the reasons your insurance agency should partner with us. Learn more on our website today!


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Speed Up the Claims Process

When you partner with a local roofer, you will speed up the insurance claims process. This is because the roofer understands what documentation your insurance company will need, which eliminates much of the back and forth requests and any re-visits to the property. The partner roofing company also is much more likely to put your roofing inspection before others' and there is less confusion when it does come to communication.

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All Damage Will be Documented to Your Standards

Most roofers understand that documenting roof damage after a storm for insurance claims submittal is important. However, what they might not understand is what exactly to take pictures of when they do go to document the damage. Thus, crucial pieces of information could be missing that could most definitely delay the insurance claims process as the roofers may have to return to the property.

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Keeps Your Customers Happy

In the service business, it's all about the customers. When their needs are met and they are happy, you get referrals and grow your business. By working with a local roofer who offers superior craftsmanship, you can rest assured that your customers will be happy as well.



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