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Insurance Claims

Filing an insurance claim for damages sustained in a hail storm, tornado or other type of catastrophe can be intimidating.

On Target Roofing has worked with all area insurers and can explain and assist with all aspects of the claim filing process from inspection through project completion and final payment.

Before you file a claim have us look at your roof. Just because your neighbors have filed a claim or had their roof replaced due to hail or wind does not mean that your roof has sustained the same damage. While having a claim denied is not bad in and of itself, it can negatively effect your policy in conjunction with other claim reports.

We encourage you to have us assess the damage and speak with your insurance agent about filing a claim if necessary.

Remember, no matter how small or large your claim is, according to Colorado State Law, you will always be responsible for your deductible. If the value of the damage is less than your deductible why file a claim

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To protect your valuable investment, our roofing installations are all backed by the most comprehensive warranties in the Front Range, including a minimum 10 year labor warranty. We provide a minimum 30 year warranty on materials; up to a Lifetime Warranty on new roof installations, through the manufacturer.

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